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The 36-hour giving event in celebration of
AU's Founders Day

676 people already donated


Get Clawed to the Ball is a 36-hour giving campaign — a fun way to celebrate AU and one of our long-standing traditions, the Founders Day Ball.

YOU get to decide where your money goes — give to support your favorite school, program, or initiative.


If 500 AU Eagles give before 7 p.m. on February 24, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Jack Cassell, SOC/BA ’77 and proud AU parent, will give $50,000 to AU. Let's get Clawed dancing like it's the Founders Day Ball!

$118,932.00gifts made


$193,377.00challenge gifts unlocked


$312,309.00total raised


Chairman Jack Cassell (SOC/BA ’77, Parent ’14) is so inspired by the momentum, he challenges the AU community again: if we reach 600 donors by 3pm, he will give an additional $25,000.


Has your school reached its goal?

Each school's goal is denoted by

WCL, SOC, KOGOD, SIS AND SPA have hit their school goals - congratulations!

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There is a lot to celebrate at AU - every day members of our community create meaningful change in the world. “Get Clawed to the Ball” is a fun way to celebrate all of the good things happening at AU and educate our community about giving so that we can continue spearheading lasting global change. Your support fuels this work. Give to your favorite school, program, or initiative, and encourage your friends to do the same.


Why does my gift matter?

Gifts to American University are a vote of confidence in the efforts of AU students and faculty to create meaningful change in the world. Alumni giving also has an impact on AU’s reputation. Ranking organizations like US News and World Report include the number of alumni who give to their alma mater in their calculations.

What are gifts used for?

You designate your gift to the school, program, or initiative of your choice and your gift is put to work immediately to impact that part of AU. Here are a few examples of what gifts can provide AU students: • A game uniform for a member of the basketball team ($75) • Student fee for use of the photo labs to cover ink, photo paper, and maintenance of equipment ($150) • Four coffee with the Dean events ($280) • A career networking event with local alumni ($650) • Set up costs for a business venture created by a team of students in the Kogod Incubator ($1,000)

How can I give?

Click the "Give Now" button at the top of the page and give via credit card on our secure website. You give a one-time gift or set up a recurring monthly gift.

What else can I do to help?

Spread the word! Tell your fellow Eagles about Get Clawed to the Ball. Post on social media using the hashtag #getclawedtotheball. Call, text, or email your friends to tell them about giving day!

Have an additional question? Email us at and we'll get back to you right away.